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In Search of Horseshoe Crabs

Back in the spring, I wrote an article about the natural history of this ancient animal. However, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is interested in the status of horseshoe crabs and they need to know locations where they are breeding – and Florida Sea Grant is trying to help. Horseshoe crabs breeding on …

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A Better Search Engine for Gardeners

So often, we are searching for research-based information to solve our gardening questions but the search engine turns up all sorts of sites that we may or may not know and trust. There is now a better way to search for reliable gardening information from trusted universities. The University of Florida IFAS Center for Public …

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Search for Extension Information Nationwide

Ever get frustrated searching for information on agricultural topics?  Typically a Google search provides links to commercial sites, advertisements, and all sorts of websites that don’t have what you are searching for.  While the University of Florida’s fact sheet web site, called EDIS, has excellent information on a wide range of topics, there is also …

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