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Moisture Monitoring, Cover Crops, and Best Management Practices for Crop Farmers

On August 10th, UF/IFAS Santa Rosa and Escambia County Extension hosted a field day covering moisture monitoring, cover crops, and best management practices at Mickey Diamond’s Farm.  Through a Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Best Management Practice (BMP) mini-grant, UF/IFAS Extension, FDACS, and NRCS have been able to examine how cover crops …

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Moisture Monitoring, Cover Crops, and Best Management Practices Field Day – August 10

Please join us on the morning of August 10th for a Moisture Monitoring, Cover Crops, and Best Management Practices Field Day hosted by UF/IFAS Santa Rosa Extension.  The event will take place from 8:00 am to 9:30 at Mickey Diamond’s Farm: 3270 Scarborough Road near Jay, Florida. The following topics will be covered: Soil Moisture Sensor Project Overview …

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Late-summer Legume Cover Crops behind Corn

Nitrogen credits from late summer cover crops at the Plant Science Research and Education Unit in Citra, FL 2016. Photo: Arun Jani Arun Jani, and Michael Mulvaney, UF/IFAS West Florida Research and Education Center Integrating summer cover crops into rotations Corn harvest is around the corner.  What will you do with the land after harvest?  …

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Cover Crops can Boost the Fertility of Subsequent Cash Crops

Pearl Millet in bloom. Photo Credit: Danielle Treadwell, UF/IFAS Fall crops are the focus of many small farmers in Florida this time of year, but it would be prudent to take a peak forward and start planning for the spring season. Many small farmers that sell directly to consumers at venues like farmers markets and …

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USDA Develops Cover Crop Chart

Source: Agricultural Research Service’s Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory An online tool called the “Cover Crop Chart” is helping U.S. farmers decide which cover crops to plant and is generating interest from growers in other countries. Cover crops can help reduce soil erosion, increase organic matter, improve early weed control, and provide forage for animals. …

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Pigweed Suppression Using a Ryegrass Cover Crop

Photo 1.  The portion of pasture that was over-seeded with ryegrass provided suppression of pigweed. Dr. Henry Grant, County Extension Director, Gadsden County Extension Service Annually, variety recommendations are given to livestock producers for planting cool season grasses such as oats, rye, and ryegrass as a standard to provide winter and spring forage for their …

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Rye Cover Crop Holds Saturated Ground

Rolling down rye cover crop on April 1st held saturated soil in place during heavy rains .  Photo by Jed Dillard It wasn’t raining on April 1st, when the inaugural Florida Soil Health and Cover Crop tour was heald.  Participants heard descriptions of the value of a winter cover crop , such as cereal rye, …

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Soil Health and Cover Crop Group to Meet April 1

We know not to plant crotalaria now and the County Agent doesn’t wear a tie anymore, but Jefferson County and cover crops still go together.  Photo Credit: Estimated date of photo is 1920′s from the State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/12 The first meeting of a Florida soil health/cover crop working group will be …

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Under Cover: The Revealing Story behind Cover Crops

Small grains (left) and brassica (right) as food plots or can be used as cover crops. Exclusion cage provides evidence of deer feeding outside of cage. The use of cover crops is gaining popularity with conventional, sustainable, and organic growers. The number of research publications on this topic has sky-rocketed. There is a real opportunity …

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Cover Crops

Wheat cover crop used on a farm in Baker, Florida. Photo credit: Jennifer Bearden. Cover crops have been used by agricultural producers for thousands of years.  However, we have seen a decline in cover crop use over the past century, as the use of commercial fertilizers have increased.  Even though they are readily available and …

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