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Control Options for Thrips in Peanuts and Cotton

Twin row peanut field in Jackson County. Photo: Ethan Carter Planting season is well under way, with some producers nearing completion of peanut, and cotton planting. Annually, thrips are problematic in early panted cotton and peanut. It will be important to keep an eye on thrips populations as seedlings emerge, and the weeks that follow …

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UF/IFAS Researchers Evaluating Flower Thrips Damage to Strawberries

Iris Strzyzewski and Joe Funderburk, North Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida The U.S. supplies 29% of the total production of strawberries, making it the largest producer worldwide. Florida harvests about 10,000 acres annually valued at $ 400 million, ranking second only to California. Flower thrips are pests of numerous fruit and vegetable …

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Western Flower Thrips Develop Insecticide Resistance in North Florida

By: Joe Funderburk and Mrittunjai Srivastava, UF-IFAS Entomology Research and Extension, North Florida REC, and Bob Hochmuth, UF-IFAS Multicounty Extension Agent for Vegetables The western flower thrips and thrips-vectored Tomato spotted wilt virus are key pest threats to Florida’s multi-billion dollar fruit and vegetable industry. Attempts to control the western flower thrips with broad-spectrum insecticides, …

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Get Ready for Cotton Thrips

Thrips feeding damage on seedling cotton. Damage from thrips reduces plant vigor and yield.                       Cotton planting time has come and the presence of thrips (Frankliniella sp.) is a reality that growers in the panhandle must deal with every year. With that in mind, it is …

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Thrips Active In Walton County

Thrips are already a problem with the vegetable acreage and the cotton crop in Walton County.  Even with seed inoculated before planting or in-furrow insecticide applications, plants are still at risk.  The preventative treatments are taken up by the plant as it germinates and provides some protection during early stages of growth. Supplemental foliar sprays may be needed if two-to-three …

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