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The Marshes, they are a-changin’

Red mangrove growing among black needlerush in Perdido Key. Photo credit: Carrie Stevenson, UF IFAS Extension Discovering something new is possibly the most exciting thing a field biologist can do. As students, budding biologists imagine coming across something no one else has ever noticed before, maybe even getting the opportunity to name a new bird, …

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Control Grasshoppers When They Are Young

Young nymphs of the eastern lubber grasshopper, Romalea microptera (Beauvois), clustered on a citrus reset (young citrus tree). Photograph by John Capinera, University of Florida. The Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, also known colloquially as the “Georgia Thumper,” can be highly destructive to a variety of vegetable crops. This May many growers and vegetable gardeners have reported …

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Bagworms on a stop sign Northwest Florida is the most southern range of the common bagworm, Thyridoptgeryx ephemeraeformis, but the majority of the plants they feed on can be found here.  Common host trees include Red Cedar, Live Oak, Maple, Elm and Pine.  Other susceptible shrubs include Indian Hawthorn, Juniper, Arborvitae, Ligustrum and Viburnum. Bagworms …

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Kudzu Bugs – Will They Overwinter in Your Neighborhood?

The non-native Kudzu bug may be looking for overwintering sites in a neighborhood near you! Were you among the many visited by Kudzu Bugs last week?  If you saw a large number of small greenish, round, flattened insects on your home’s exterior walls, then “yes” is the answer! You and lots of your friends and …

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Seasons Changing – Or Are They?

While the recently passed Labor Day is often is touted as the traditional “end of summer,” according to the calendar, fall officially will begin with the fall equinox on Sept. 22nd at 4:44 EDT. In north Florida, however, we know good and well that our summer season extends a good bit longer. Still, even if it …

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Why Did They Cut My Trees?

 With hurricane season upon us, evidence of preparation is all around us.  Tree trimmers, contracted by the local electrical utility companies, have been removing trees, branches and other vegetation that is “too close” to power lines.  Many homeowners are concerned over the practice.         In order to prevent power outages, the federally approved …

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Snakes: They Are On The Move

This 4 Foot Eastern Diamondback Found This Week In The Edge Of A Peanut Field In Santa Rosa County You are most likely to encounter a snake when the temperature is neither too hot or too cool. This means you chances of seeing a snake in the great outdoors during the middle of the day …

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