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Pre-Emergent Herbicide Now for Spring Weed Suppression

Weeds are growing everywhere, especially in manicured lawns and landscapes despite the best efforts of owners who have spared no expense to remove the offending flora. Herbicides to control the weeds seem to be less effective as August progresses. The reality, at least about the herbicides, is different from perceived appearances. Herbicides can be a …

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Pigweed Suppression Using a Ryegrass Cover Crop

Photo 1.  The portion of pasture that was over-seeded with ryegrass provided suppression of pigweed. Dr. Henry Grant, County Extension Director, Gadsden County Extension Service Annually, variety recommendations are given to livestock producers for planting cool season grasses such as oats, rye, and ryegrass as a standard to provide winter and spring forage for their …

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