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Helping Turtles Cross Our Highways… Safely

When doing programs about snakes I find plenty of people who hate them… but I have never found anyone who hated turtles. I mean what is there to hate?  They are slower, none of them are venomous, they have shoulders… people just like them.  And to that point, when people see them crossing the road …

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Helping Young Children Understand the Meaning of Math

Simple sorting games teach pre-math skills to young children. Children are born curious and are constantly learning about the world around them.  Children learn basic math skills through daily activities and interaction.  They practice basic math skills as they notice differences between things, how events happen the same way every time, and how they can make …

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Helping Children Learn Self-Control

Self-control is an important skill for all children to learn.  In other words, individuals know right from wrong or have power to control their own actions.  Self-control is the ability to think before you act, rather than being controlled by your feelings.  Children who rely on parents or other children to make choices for them …

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