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Weed of the Week: Goatweed

Image 1: Goatweed seeds are very small and are enclosed in yellow to brown capsules. Photo Credit: Dr. Brent Sellers Once just an issue in Central Florida Orange groves, Goatweed (Scoparia dulcis), also referred to as sweet broom and licorice weed, is now an issue for many pasture owners in North Florida. The spread of …

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Goatweed Spreading West: Found in Holmes County Pastures

Goatweed in Holmes County Pasture – photo by Shep Eubanks Recently on a visit to a local cattleman’s pasture, I identified Goatweed (Scoparia dulcis) for the first time in Holmes County.  This weed has been gradually moving west in the Panhandle (Photo 1 below) with recent identifications over the last few years in Jackson and …

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Have you seen this Goatweed?

Goatweed seedlings.  A tough and expanding pasture weed. During an April site inspection of perennial peanut fields with agents and a farmer, we noticed a weed that was not readily identifiable by any of us.  Then, as so often happens, a few days later another farmer brought the same weed into the Extension office saying …

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