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Friday Funny: The Chicken Cannon

It has been 10 months since I shared a Friday Funny, due to a lack of good material.  Special thanks to Ed Jowers, Emeritus Jackson County Extension Director for sending this funny story to share: Photo Credit: Scott Sommerdorf The Chicken Cannon Scientists at NASA built a special cannon to launch standard 6-pound, whole dead …

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Friday Funny: The Shingles

Kevin inherited a 200 acre farm from his father.  He worked very hard for several years, but just could not earn enough to provide for his family.  So, he started working in town driving a delivery truck part-time to provide additional off-farm income. Those of us who have spent much time in a doctor’s office …

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Friday Funny: Valentine’s Surprise

Last week the joke of the week picked on the menfolk.  This weeks funny is on the women. A group of farmers’ wives regularly met for coffee on Friday mornings in a small Florida Panhandle town.  The conversations varied each week, but many times were spent venting about their husbands who work long hours, are …

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Friday Funny: Marriage Counseling and BBQ Piñatas

A farmer and his wife had a challenging marriage.  They seemed to fight every night, so the farmer just got up earlier and worked later each day until he was only at home long enough to eat, bathe, and sleep.  This went on for a few months until finally his wife got fed up with …

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Friday Funny: The Motorcycle Accident Praise Report

A Florida farmer had a very embarrassing moment at the country church where his wife had grown up, in the next county over.  He was recovering from a very serious motorcycle injury.  The farmer had kept his injuries a secret from his in-laws, because his father-in-law had warned him repeatedly about the dangers of riding …

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Friday Funny: The Artistic Cowboy

A cattle rancher in the Florida Panhandle had a natural artistic talent.  He just had a knack for capturing scenery, animals and people in his mind and painting what he envisioned.  After many years of tinkering with painting, his wife and friends encouraged him to actually get some training and take an art class at …

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Friday Funny: The Pig with a Wooden Leg

This weeks Friday Funny was sent in by Ed Lewis, Procurement Forester, for WestRock in Cottondale.  Thanks for sharing Ed! A TV reporter became lost on the back roads and stopped at a farm to get directions. As he was talking to the farmer he noticed a pig with a wooden leg. “This could be …

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Friday Funny: The Famous Cardiologist’s Funeral

A very prestigious, and internationally recognized cardiologist who was nearing the end of his career to leave the spotlight and stress of leading the cardiologist staff of the Mayo Clinic, and moved to a small, rural hospital in the Florida Panhandle.  He told the staff at the Mayo Clinic, “I am tired of dealing with …

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Friday Funny: The DEA Officer & Santa Delayed

A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Officer made an unexpected visit to a ranch in the Florida Panhandle.  He got out of the black, unmarked SUV he was driving, and barked at the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegal drugs.” The rancher, thinking he had nothing to hide, said, “Okay, but do …

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Friday Funny: The Shaving Ball

A weathered, old cowboy walked into a barbershop one day. He told the barber, “I can’t get all these whiskers off anymore.  My face is too wrinkled from years out in the sun.” The barber reached over and picked up a little wooden ball from a cup on the shelf.  The barber told the old …

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