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Fireweed: A Burning Problem for Farmers

The fine hairs along the stem of Fireweed puncture the skin and introduce the toxin. Note the small flowers at the axil. Source: http://www.bio.utexas.edu/courses/bio406d/images/pics/urt/Urtica%20chamaedryoides.htm Fireweed (Urtica chamaedryoides), may not be a pasture weed that causes great economic losses from competition, but it can cause distress to people who come in contact with it in their …

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Fireweed: a Pasture Weed that will Light You Up!

Fireweed (Urtica chamaedryoides) photo by Brent Sellers Fireweed is growing well in the Panhandle and I have had a couple of calls this week regarding this plant. This winter annual stinging nettle will definitely light you up! I remember the first time I ever encountered Fireweed (Urtica chamaedryoides) while working on fence adjacent to my dad’s …

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Managing Fireweed In Pastures

Closeup of fireweed leaves. Photo from from the UF/IFAS Publication, Fireweed (Heartleaf nettle) Control in Pastures By Mindy Hittle-McNair, Walton County Extension Agent There is a problematic winter annual found on bare-ground, along tree lines, and under fences.  Urtica chamaedryoides commonly called fireweed, heartleaf nettle, weak nettle, or ortiguilla is a native Florida species. This …

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