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Safety and Best Management Practices Essential for Pesticide Use

Many folks may not realize it at first, but everyone is using pesticides. Have you recently used a mold or mildew removal cleaner in your bathroom? Do you apply flea & tick powder to your pet? It is a misconception that only farmers, ranchers and lawn and garden enthusiasts are pesticide users. So, let’s all keep safety in …

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Pasture Soil Fertility Essential to Prevent Broomsedge Infestations

Broomsedge bluestem goes by many common names; broom grass, broom sage, sage brush, etc. No matter the name it is a sign of poor soil fertility. Broomsedge bluestem, or Andropogon virginicus L. is quite conspicuous this time of year. Its tall stems are the most noticeable feature in many fields. While these tall stems blowing in …

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Optimum Soil Fertility is an Essential Part of Weed Control

Herbicides can be used to control the weeds, but without good fertility and a healthy stand of grass, the weeds will return.  Photo Credit: Doug Mayo   Brent Sellers, RCREC Extension Weed Specialist; Jay Ferrell, UF/IFAS Extension Weed Specialist; & Joao Vendramini, RCREC Forage Extension Specialist There have traditionally been few options for controlling weeds …

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Winter Preparation Essential for Bee Colony Survival

Beekeepers need to prepare hives for the hardships of winter months. Some of the main concerns are: food storage, the arrangement of the food, hive ventilation, disease prevention, queen quality, and weather protection. Roy Lee Carter – Gulf County Extension Director Although overwintering management of bee hives differs according to regional winter conditions, there are …

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A Guide to Visual Diagnosis for Common Essential Nutrients Deficiencies Symptoms

Alex Bolques County Agent Gadsden County abol@ufl.edu         Plants can become nutrient deficient if they do not receive adequate chemical elements for plant growth and development.  These may arise from inadequate essential nutrient levels in the soil or growing media, whether the plant is outside in the landscape or indoor in a …

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