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The Alabama Row Crops Short Course – December 12-13

The Alabama Row Crops Short Course – December 12-13

Registration to the Alabama Row Crops Short Course is free and can be accessed by clicking HERE.

The 2017 conference will be held at The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center on December 12th & 13th.  The conference starts promptly at 8:30 on the 12th and has an all-star line up of presenters. 

General Session Topics

  • Cotton Policy and the Next Farm Bill, Reece Langley (Vice President, Washington Operations- National Cotton Council)
  • The Uneven Journey of Supply and Demand, Jody Lefcourt (Financial Analyst – Bunge North America)
  • Update on the Cotton Industry Efforts for Increasing Sustainability, Ed Barnes (Senior Director of Agricultural & Environmental Research – Cotton Incorporated)
  • Weed Management Systems in Age of Auxin Technology, Stanley Culpepper (Professor – Extension Weed Scientist – The University of Georgia)
  • What is in the Pipeline of the Commercial Companies?
  • New Traits and Technology to improve Soybean: A Progress Report of Public Research and Development, Kelly Whiting (United Soybean Board)
  • Strategies to Improve Water-Use Efficiency for Southeastern Crops, Diane Rowland ((Professor – Crop Physiology – University of Florida)
  • Economics of Cover Crops in Alabama, Leah Duzy (Economist – Soil Dynamics Laboratory – USDA-ARS)
  • Crop rotation and plant stand research in peanut – benefits and challenges, Scott Tubbs (Associate Professor – Cropping Systems – The University of Georgia)
  • Update on Alabama Water Policy, William Puckett (Executive Director Soil and Water Conservation Committee- Alabama)

Peanut and Cotton Breakout

  • Does Fertilizing Peanuts by Yield Goal Make Sense? Glenn Harris (Professor, Extension Soil Fertility – The University of Georgia)
  • Growth regulators and Nitrogen Rescue Treatments in peanut, Jason Sarver (Assistant Extension Peanut Agronomist- Mississippi State University)
  • Evaluation of Auburn University Peanut Breeding Program, Charles Chen (Professor – Peanut Breeding – Auburn University)
  • We’re not waiting 30 days anymore: An Update on Disease Management Options for Peanut, Bob Kemerait (Professor – Extension Plant Pathology – The University of Georgia)
  • Managing Cotton Production Inputs for the Bottom Line, Darrin Dodds (Associate Extension/Research Professor – Mississippi State University)
  • Fertilizing Cotton by Yield Goal – Fact or Fiction, Glenn Harris (Professor, Extension Soil Fertility – The University of Georgia)
  • Mitigating Bollworm Resistance in Cotton: New Traits or New Management? Dominic Reisig (Associate Professor and Extension Entomologist – North Carolina State University)

Corn, Soybean, and Small Grains Breakout

  • Development of Insect Resistance to Bt Corn, Francis Reay-Jones (Associate Professor – Entomology –Clemson University)
  • Impact of Row Spacing on Corn Yield, Brien Henry (Associate Professor and Corn Agronomist – Mississippi State University)
  • Update on Best Management Strategies for Corn Production in Alabama, Brenda Ortiz (Associate Professor and Precision Ag. Extension – Auburn University)
  • Important Diseases of Soybean, both Old and New, Tom Allen (Associate Professor / Extension Plant Pathology – Mississippi State University)
  • Best Management Practices for Sesame Production in the Southeast, Diane Rowland (Professor – Crop Physiology – University of Florida)
  • Stresses and Factors Impacting Wheat Growth and Development, Mohamed Mergoum (Professor – Plant Breeding – The University of Georgia)
  • Neonicotinoid Pesticides and Bees: More Questions Than Answers, Geoffrey Williams (Assistant Professor – Entomology – Auburn University)


Special hotel room rates are available at The Hotel at Auburn University.  Use the following link to book your Hotel room: http://bit.ly/2g9XmJG   For additional information contact Dr. Trey Cutts (trey.cutts@auburn.edu) or Dr. Brenda Ortiz (bortiz@auburn.edu).  CEUs and pesticide points will be available.

Peanut seeldings. Photo credit: Kelly Racette


Author: Libbie Johnson – libbiej@ufl.edu

Agriculture agent at UF IFAS Escambia County Extension.


Libbie Johnson

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