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Water Conservation

Understanding your lawn’s environmental needs and adapting to Florida’s weather conditions can help you get a healthy and environmentally friendly lawn. Design your yard so it thrives on rainwater alone, without additional irrigation.

Check out these publications and sites for Florida-specific information about water conservation.

UF/IFAS Publications

Design Strategies for a Sustainable Home Landscape

Watering Your Florida Lawn

Let Your Lawn Tell You When to Water

Fertilization and Irrigation Needs for Florida Lawns and Landscapes

Turf Irrigation for the Home

How to Calibrate Your Sprinkler System

Basic Repairs and Maintenance for Home Landscape Irrigation Systems


Living Green: Lawn Care & Irrigation

Other Sites & Publications

Water Efficiently Publication-Florida Friendly Landscaping

Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Make Every Drop Count: Managing a Water-Wise Landscape-University of Georgia

Conserving Water in the Vegetable Garden-University of Georgia

Rainwater Harvesting for Homeowners-University of Georgia










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