95210, Numbers Kids Need To Live By

School has started, and for many it can be quite the challenge to jump back into the school routine! 95210 is a great reminder to guide parents and help promote positive health for children.

9 hours of sleep each night is a minimum number for kids,

5 servings of fruits and vegetables to …

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Recognizing Stressors to Protect Your Health

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “there are at least three different types of stress, all of which carry physical and mental health risks:

Routine stress related to the pressures of work, family, and other daily responsibilities.

Stress brought about by a sudden negative change, such as losing a …

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Fruit vs Refined Sugar

Do you avoid fruit due to your concern about the sugar content? Sadly, many people do not actually realize that processed sugar and natural sugars found in fruit are far from being the same.Sugars contained in fresh fruits, referred to as fructose, are naturally occurring and the  Additionally, fruits have other benefits including …

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Today’s Poor Food Choices Are Historical!


A recent article about our ‘love affair’ with food took a unique historical approach. Cornell University’s Andrew Weislogel, PhD.  And Brian Wansink, PhD. explored early European American Art and analyzed the food products depicted in 16th century paintings. The results revealed “our love affair with visually appealing, decadent, or status foods” and …

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Dietary Fiber…why is it important?

People generally think of increasing their fiber intake when they want to lose weight or alleviate constipation. Actually, adequate intake of dietary fiber is important for other reasons such lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and healthy weight management.

Fiber is plant based and is the portion of the plant that tends …

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National Fruit & Vegetable Month!

June is National Fruit & Vegetable Month! Are you ready for fresh summer produce? Here is a refresher on how to choose and store your fresh fruits and vegetables. Make the most of your fruits and vegetables by keeping them healthy from harvest to table.


Many people cannot wait until the fresh squash, peas, …

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E-Cigarettes and Teens

The 2015 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey has revealed that there is an increase in the use of e-cigarettes by teens as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. This is of concern indicating the adoption of a new risk behavior.

“Current cigarette smoking is at an all-time low, which is great news. …

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Hurricane Preparedness

photo credit NOAA

With the passing of the 1st  of June, hurricane season has officially begun. With the 3rd named storm, Tropical Storm Colin, already having affected some Floridians, are you prepared if a storm is expected in your area?

Will you want to leave or stay in your home unless an evacuation is …

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Is It A Food or Is It A Supplement?

There are differences between food products and dietary supplements. Our foods are governed closely by the FDA and require specific labeling, titled ‘Nutritional Facts,’ that are specific and apply to true food products and contain the benefits to the daily dietary intake. Dietary supplements labels are titled ‘Supplement Facts’ and …

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Food Safety for the Grilling Season

Warm weather ushers in the grilling season and those wonderful get togethers with family and friends. Grilling season also comes with the potential for foodborne illnesses. Prevention and preparation are key to keeping you and your love ones safe from illness. When getting started, remember to follow all the tips below …

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