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Farm Bill Seminar for Peanut Producers – February 19

FARM BILL SEMINAR FEBRUARY 19, 2014 With the passing of the 2014 Farm Bill last week, the Florida and Alabama Peanut Producers Associations have scheduled a meeting to help growers better understand the new legislation affecting peanut farmers.  Dr. Stanley Fletcher, Director of the National Center for Peanut Competitiveness, and professor emeritus from the University …

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Drought Forecast Suggests Early Peanut Planting this Year

Certainly the rain that fell late this winter has helped replenish the ground water and has refilled ponds that have been dry or nearly dry for some time.  For the first time in months, the Florida Panhandle has moved out of the severe drought category on the drought monitor. Although this is very encouring, the …

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AL/FL Peanut Trade Show – February 9

Peanut growers in the tri-states area will have the opportunity to see the latest advances in peanut planting, harvesting and other related equipment at the Alabama/Florida Peanut Trade Show, which will be held at the Peanut Festival Fairgrounds in Dothan, AL, on Thursday February 9. The Trade Show is sponsored by the Alabama Peanut Producers …

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2011 UGA Peanut Variety Test Results from Tifton

UGA Tifton, Georgia:  2011 Irrigated Peanut Variety Trial Variety Digging Date Yield TSMK Seed lb/A % no./lb FloRun™ ‘107’ 09/30 5433 73.5 712 Georgia-06G 09/16 5345 77.0 623 Georgia-10T 10/17 5273 78.5 669 Florida-07 09/30 5260 72.5 585 Georgia Greener 09/16 5185 77.5 708 Georgia-07W 09/30 5115 76.0 688 Tifguard 09/16 5061 75.0 617 Georgia-09B …

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Row Crop Short Course March 1

Panhandle Row Crop Short Course and Trade Show The Row Crop Short Course and Trade Show will be held on Thursday, March 1 at the Jackson County Agriculture Conference Center, located at 2741 Pennsylvania Avenue in Marianna, Florida.  Registration and the Trade Show will open at 7:30 AM with the program starting at 8:00 AM …

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