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Jackson County 4-H Poultry Education Program

Click here to view "Clover Capades"

Click here to view “Clover Capades”


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Click Here to View "Clover Run"

Click Here to View “Clover Run” Hey, that’s my clover!








Incubation Journal:  Jackson County 4-H Embryology Program Chick Journal

Embryology Door Poster 2015

Embryology Pre-Program Letter to Parents(8.5×11-two per page)

Embryology Post-Program Letter to Parents (8.5×11)

Embryology Handouts

Embryology Handout One_4-H Agent Introduction to Embryology_July 2015

Embryology Posters:

Poster One Embryology Stages of Chick Development

Worksheets and Answer Keys

Worksheet One: What is Embryology?

Worksheet One Answer Key_What Is Embryology_July 2015

Worksheet Two: Identify Parts of the Egg

Worksheet Two Answer Key_Identify Parts of the Egg_July 2015

Worksheet Three: Chick Development

Worksheet Three_Answer Key_Chick Development_2015

Worksheet Four: Exploring the Development of Baby Chicks_July 2015

Parent Contract For Care of Chicks

Embryology in the Classroom_Parent Chick Contract_July 2015

Classroom Evaluations:


group chicks April 10 2015

Click here to view the “Spring Chick Flick”!


Peeps Countdown Calendar 2015

Chick Chain

Special thanks to Marianna Tractor Supply Store for helping Jackson County 4-H get incubators to start our 4-H Embryology Program!

4-H Poultry Chick Chain

Florida 4H Chick Chain

The 4-H Poultry Chain is a program designed to help youth learn how to raise pullets (baby chicks) into mature production hens to learn responsibility, record keeping, and communication skills.  The culmination of this program is a show and optional auction.  Members participate in workshops to learn how to care for their chickens and show their hens.  They keep records and complete a record book.  This program was piloted last year in Walton, Holmes, Washington, Jackson, Liberty and Leon counties and is open to any 4-H member in the northwest district.  Contact your local 4-H agent for more information on how to participate.  Deadline to register is March 25th.  Read more about last year’s program on our blog.

2016 Chick Chain Registration Form


2016 Chick Chain Production Manual

Bio-security Basics Poster


Cloverbud 5-7 years old

Junior 8-10 years old

Intermediate 11-3 years old

Senior 14-18 years old

 Poultry Education Information

Poultry Judging

Poultry Showing and Exhibition

Poultry Skill-a-Thon

Backyard Poultry

Poultry Science Related Careers

Feathered Facts Mar_2015

Heath Safety Information for Embryology In The Classroom_2015

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