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4-H Beef Record Book and Grading Rubric

angus calves

Beef Record Book REVISED Feb 2015

This record book was designed to allow you to continue adding to it throughout your 4-H experience,  rather than starting a new one each year. You also have the opportunity to have more than one project in this record book, such as steer project that ends each year, or a heifer project that continues for several years.  You will just need to keep your information for each project separately in the book.  You can download additional pages and add them to the book.

Download additional pages:

My goals for__________Year

Project Finances

Feed Tag Information

Other Expenses

Health and Medical Expenses


Beef Project Weight Record

Animal Care

Project Citizenship

Show Ring Record

Learning Experiences

Project Leadership

Knowledge and Skills I Gained

Looking Back

Photos and Newspaper Clippings

Telling My Story


4-H Record Book Grading Rubric 2014

This is the grading rubric that is used to evaluate Jackson County 4-H Record Books.


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