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4-H volunteer club leaders needed!

Do you have a passion for something that you would like to share with others?  Do you have an interest in seeing young people learn new skills, build confidence and become productive members of society?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then Jackson County 4-H needs you!  As you know, the 4-H year begins September 1st.  However, this year we are beginning our year minus three club leaders and we need your help. We are seeking volunteer club leaders for the following:

Shooting Sports – 4-H Archery and/or Shotgun

Over the past two years we have paid to have six people certified in 4-H Archery Shooting Sports.  Unfortunately, due to various reasons, none of them have been able to stay on to lead the club.  If you have a passion for shooting sports that might include shotgun, please contact the 4-H Office today.  This area of 4-H has funding opportunities available through the National Rifle Association (NRA) and local sportsman’s groups.  There is also a great deal of interest in starting a shotgun club but we need volunteers!

Poultry and Small Animal

This club offers opportunities to learn about 4-H Animal Science Projects such as rabbits and poultry.  We have lots of information to share but we need a leader!  If you have a passion for working with youth and small animals please consider becoming a part of this club.  For more information, contact the 4-H office.

SeaPerch Robotics

This is a 4-H program that was started in 2014 through a grant Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Managed by The AUVSI Foundation. It was being led by a science teacher at Marianna Middle School who has moved to another state.  If you have an interest in developing STEM skills for youth or just enjoy projects that are related to water, then please consider this very exciting area of 4-H.  The Jackson 4-H Club was only the 2nd club started in the State.  However, this program and curriculum has been adopted by the State 4-H Office and is now being taught throughout the State.  This creates multiple opportunities for inter-state competitions and idea sharing.  We have a sister club in Holmes County, which was the model for this program. We have all of the tools necessary to build the units and have several units still in the box.

Dayspring Christian Academy

This is a school-based 4-H club, the Dayspring Eagles 4-H Club.  Youth have an opportunity to explore all of the opportunities and projects available through 4-H while having the convenience of meeting at their school.  If you are a parent, teacher or community member who would like to help these youth learn more about 4-H, please contact the 4-H office or principal Lori Gregg at principal@dayspringca.com or (850) 526-4919.

Contact the 4-H Office today at (850) 482-9620 or enroll as a volunteer at www.4HOnline.com. We are looking for a few good leaders!



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